The EU Referendum May Be Rigged

The Campaign to Defend the Right to a Secret Ballot (CDRSB) has warned since 2002 that the unlimited use of postal voting introduced by the Blair regime leads to an increase in electoral fraud. The 1872 Ballot Act required that voters be officially witnessed to vote in secret at a polling station to prevent intimidation. Throughout the last century postal ballots were accordingly restricted to those unable to vote in person due to absence from home or illness. Polls in 2001 showed over 60% were opposed to ending this restriction, which usually resulted in about 250,000 postal votes cast in each general election. A realistic estimate for the referendum will be over 10 million. Consequently the British electoral system according to Richard Mawrey QC, the most experienced electoral fraud judge in the UK, resembles that of a banana republic.

In early 2015 we wrote to David Cameron requesting that postal votes should at least be counted separately from ordinary ballots such that fraud may more easily be indicated through disproportionate levels of voting for particular parties. This has been the practice in Australia for many decades, whereas in the UK postal votes are deliberately mixed in with ordinary ballots before being counted, as if to help conceal, rather than uncover fraud. We made clear both Lord Michael Howard, former leader of the Conservative Party (and now an advocate for leaving the EU) and Graham Brady MP, Chairman of the 1922 Committee (and now also an advocate for leaving the EU) supported our proposal. The Prime Minister nevertheless failed to ensure that postal votes are counted separately. He appointed Sir Eric Pickles MP to investigate electoral procedure. According to a Cabinet Office press release published on 13/8/15 Pickles was supposed to have considered Mawrey’s recommendation that restrictions on postal votes be reinstated. But his inquiry, due to be completed by the end of 2015, has failed to produce any report.

As with many elections since 2001 we expect the referendum to be influenced by fraud, almost certainly in favour of the ‘remain’ campaign. That is why we urge that all honest voters, including most especially ‘leave’ supporters, should cooperate in defending democratic rights after the referendum on a cross party or non party basis. A democratic federation linking individuals and organisations can be formed to this purpose. Our approach within it will be to work for the following objectives:

First, the restoration of integrity to the electoral process, including with regard to questions of constitutional and systemic change.

Second, to defend and promote the right to trial by jury. Thomas Jefferson and many others have recognised the public interest is more safely entrusted to a jury because judges are more likely to be influenced by the wishes of their paymasters than would a dozen or more jurors. As John Adams stated, the primary purpose of trial by jury is not to prosecute criminals but to protect the people against government tyranny. The EU seeks to ‘standardise’ law across Europe. It has already tried to subvert trial by jury to this purpose and will almost certainly continue to do so.

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